We a part of Turkmens live abroad joined and hold a meeting on 6th of January 2008 and discussed about killing of young fisherman Hesametdin Khadiwer in 27th of 2007 and following protest action in Chapkli and Bender Turkmen, arresting hundreds of Turkmens. After discuses we declare:

Because of high rating of unemployment in many of villages near Caspian, fishing are their endest way to alive. From other hand shooting and killing of Turkmen fishermen is continuing, in recent years dozen of Turkmen fishermen killed by Iranian sea guards. Bender Turkmen city deputy in Iranian parliament Mr. Muhammetguli Iri three times warned about this events and asked interior and agriculture ministers for explanation of reasons and even sent an official letter to president. But unfortunately Sea guards abuse the law and shooting and killing, the last event was killing of Hasametdin Kahdiwer and following protest actions.

We a part of Turkmen hold a discussion session believes:

  1. Officials in this region have no any economic or social plan for reduce of poverty and creating and providing job opportunity for people,
  2. Sea guards behaviors with fishermen are illegal, provocation and willfully,
  3. The recently protest demonstration of peoples in Chapakli and Bender Turkmen based on unemployed, irresponsible act of officials especially sea guards behaviors in the years after years continuation in this region, and based on unsolved peoples demands and problems,
  4. Arresting of peoples is illegal, and illogical, we reject this action. Without any permeation on the midnight police and security forces raids absolutely hostility and are revenge.


For this case we insistence asks officials:


  1. Their whom responsible for murdering of H.Khadiwer must be judge in fair and open court with local and international laws, standards and norms,
  2. According to Iranian constitution officials for creating and providing jobs, investing in the region must prepare economic and social plans,
  3. Limiting and clearing of sea guards legal rights and their responsibility and preventing their willfully actions against fishermen,
  4. Without any preconditions all of arrested people must be release.


We also solidarity with families of H.Khadiwer and ask from Turkmens with joining the solidarity with families of victims shows their protections.


With best regards

A part of Turkmens in abroad


1- Abdulrahman Garravy - Russian-Persian-Turkmenian Translator

2- Akmirat Gurgenli - Master in history

3- Annadurdy Hajiyv - Economic expert

4- Annaguli Yinnam - Master in Pedagogic sience

5- Gylych Teke - Teacher at University

6- Haji Kor- Doktor

7- Hangeldy Ownuk- Master in history

8- Husheng - Journalist

9- Muhy Basyry - Bachelor in History

10-Muhammet Devejinejad - Doctor

11-Muhommetgeldi Berdi - Etnograph

12-Nazjan Seedi - Electronic engineer

13-Qiyas Ashiry - Film director

14-Rahim Shiykh - Historian

15-Wekyl Teke - Lawyer


17-Yusup Kor Engineer